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The University of Mississippi

ROTC Crest

University of Mississippi Distinctive Unit Insignia (DUI)

ROTC CrestThe shield of blue (azure) and red (gules) signifies the colors of the University of Mississippi. The bend of gray represents the service of the University Greys during the Civil War. The Mississippi Rifle signifies the service of the First Regiment, Mississippi Volunteer Infantry (The Mississippi Rifles) in the Mexican War and links the unit with the strong tradition of Mississippians volunteering to defend the nation. The white (argent, literally, silver) Magnolia blossom with green (vert) leaves is the state flower, and signifies the close association of the unit with the state of Mississippi. The likeness of the Lyceum, the first building of The University, signifies the close partnership between the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps and The University. The scroll specifically identifies the unit with The University of Mississippi.